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Top places to visit in Europe

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Europe is full of interesting cultures, landscape as well as captivating places to visit. Fortunately, you do not have to spend a fortune to behold the best of what the continent has to offer. Some tourism service providers like seguro viagem europa offer the best rates for European tours and travel.  By carefully planning your trip and paying attention to expert travel guides, you will able to spend quality time in this vast region.  Top places to visit in Europe

Wroclaw, Poland

Also known as The Polish Venice, Wroclaw is surrounded by canals and boasts fo over 120 bridges linking to 12 stunning islands that include the Cathedral Island. You will be mesmerized by the city’s Market Square, two town halls, the Flower market, Salt Market Square, botanical garden as well as the picturesque architecture of Centennial Hall. People who fancy great meals will have their treat at Piwnica Swidnicka, the oldest hotel in the entire world.

Florence, Italy

This rather little city, tucked in between Tuscan hills, is by all measures historical. Also called the wellsprings of Renaissance, Firenze has inspired great artists like Brunelleschi and Michelangelo. Were it not for the fashion-conscious Italians and stylish shops that line Via Tornabuoni, you would be forgiven for thinking you have rewound back in time to the fourteenth century. You also get a chance to experience Florence’s elegant sunsets, Italian cuisines, and the unparalleled romantic charm.

The Albanian Coast

Ideal for people who are on a lean budget and still want to visit the finest places in Europe, Albania is full of Sun-drenched beaches that have never been interfered by human development. People who have ever been to the country agree it is one of the cheapest nations in Europe yet it as so much to offer. For instance, on the southern Ionian coast, you will find steep grey mountains, golden sands, and frame azure seas.

Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao is simply amazing; its atmosphere is so good even the best writers cannot accurately describe them. Ever charming, ever-evolving and open to anyone to visit, this destination attracts a full range of tourists (from families to young bachelors). Find your way to this wonderful place in Europe and you will enjoy the tranquility of the evenings and the smell of the dawn as you stroll through the beautiful streets and alleys.


A huge volcanic eruption somewhere around 1650BC made the center of an island that was hitherto single to succumb to the massive water body. Whatever remained of it is now jealously guarded by stately whitewashed homes and gorgeous beaches. This Greek Island, therefore, has an abundance of beautifully diverse beaches. Visitors to this great tourist destination spend the better part of their time on Thira (the largest of the two inhabited islands), which incidentally is home to Santorini’s huge towns like Fira.


Europe is full of cities with vibrant nightlife, breathtaking museums, and great restaurants, among much more. So plan your trip appropriately and allocate enough time to the various destinations so as to get the best from them. Make sure you visit some or even all of the above places.

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