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Before, During and After The G8 – Genoa at 360 degrees

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The G8 has passed, though it has left an indelible mark in Genoa and Liguria. A sign that internet sculpts in the immortal web web site with thousands of sites and thousands of photographs. That tourist image that Genoa had to project from the summit on the international circuits is currently more linked to the antiglobal pilgrimages on the sites of counter-events and the great miliardary restoration of the city.

Yet, without erasing the memory, Genoa goes on: the network already meets sites that “hold” together summits and stories, incidents and art, slogans and
cultural itineraries. No confusion and surprising lucidity.  Symbol site and well built is www.centrostorico.com(incorrect address but referred to this site ndr).
The home page opens with a direct link to a series of photos divided into G8 events and days, and invites you to discover the alleys and squares of the old town. It refers to “places” official (www.genoa-g8.it) and those definitely antagonists (www.genoa-g8.org) but also to pages with thousands of references and tourist routes (www.onairweb.com/genova/
turismo.htm ).

The latter offers timetables and museums, churches and monuments, detailed itineraries and addresses: useful for tourists and residents. But from the same initial page, ” centrostorico.com”the link leads to third-size seedlings of the main districts sung by De André, the phrases and the poems written by poets and thinkers under the Lantern, the curiosity about cats, the mice and the vices of ancient Genoa. direct link to the site of the municipality on “Genoa 2004 European Capital of Culture”,  beyond the G8, without forgetting  , indeed forgetting those who – profit-seekers – quickly registered the domains by the name of Carlo Giuliani, the boy dropped in Piazza Alimonda They did it with skill by registering it with various “.it”, “.uk”, “.org”, “.com” and so on.

The family, genius with a father – Giuliano Giuliani – historian syndicalist Cgil, will resort and have good chances of winning.
The boy’s name, however, meets everywhere on the web. Two weeks ago this directory has launched a proposal for navigators: try searching on any search engine “Genova + G8”; you’ll see. Today, in a month and two days, from that black Friday that ended with the death in Alimonda square of a young man of 23 years, research can be made on his name: “Carlo Giuliani”. Here’s a bunch of sites around the world that start from mobilizing the other day in two hundred and fifty European and American cities.

Few examples apply to everyone: www.no-racism.net, the story of Carletto along with the disavowal of Austrian theaters arrested on charges of being black bloc and then released. Or, for those who know German: www. gipfelsturm.net. And yet, in different languages, there is www.genoaresistence.org.

A rain of testimony and a huge square for discussion and themed chats. Indeed, the debate is very open and it has been enlarged today on www.italy.indymedia.org around the work of Don Paolo Farinella published by the XX Century (www.ilsecoloxix.it). From a priest to the other, Fr Andrea Gallo on Monday reminded how Carletto Giuliani died at the foot of the Remedial Church, the covenant that the release of the slaves was intended. That church was rebuilt in Piazza Alimonda after its destruction in the city center in 1892 to make room for the birth via XX Settembre.

For more information about Genoa Map. Click here.

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