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Century XII

In this century, we are witnessing a rapid transformation of feudal society into a merchant and warrior nobility that gains more and more power through frequent overseas gains. The need for a revision of the urban planning situation of a city characterized by great demographic and economic growth begins.

To meet these new requirements, the Ripa maris (1133) and the new walls (1155-63) under the threat of the Byzantine empire (the Barbarossa) are built .

La Ripa constitutes a public maritime commercial infrastructure which, from the urban point of view, witnesses a overtaking of the 9th century wall confirmed by the new division of the city (1130-34) in two only large areas divided into seven and then eight local companions: 4 compatriots civitas and 3-4 bitch companions .

The presence of an increasingly privatized and shattered society and the growing financial burden on overseas firms leads to the exhaustion of the institutional structure of communis commissar (1191), which will open the new age of podestas, where power passes from the hands of the community to a the only foreign individual.

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