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How deejays use turntables to spice up parties

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These days it seems that everyone wants to be a DJ, right? Okay, there’s no ability to press the play button on a CD player or connect an iPod, but that’s not really what we’re talking about here. OK, things have advanced significantly since the days when DJs used reel-to-reel tape players and early record players to mix. Modern technology requires much of the hard work of learning to beat the parties in the mix.

By eliminating the need to learn to play songs at the same speed, they can concentrate on learning other aspects of the DJ. It improves even more, since DJ skills can easily be used as your main source of income, so you get paid for every performance you play. As long as you get paid, even at the lower end of the scale, the money is not bad and look at it this way: you get paid to practice! One of the best tips that a beginner in the world of deejaying is how to use turntables.

How Deejays use turntables

Most Dj style turntables, your main components are your tonearm, cartridge and needle, the platter and the start and stop button. So the first thing in cueing a record the first thing you are going to do is lifting the tonearm gently, place it down on the record . Move over to the start /stop button. Press start and the turntable is in motion. Check out some guides and reviews here.To speed a record up, smooth the pitch adjust forward. To slow the record down, move the pitch adjust slowly. To stop the record, use the start/stop button again. To put the tone on back, raise it and set it down gently. To pick up your record and flip it over, cueing the record again. Set the tone on down, nice and gently. This is one thing that you really got to be gentle and everything else with DJ’ing you can be pretty aggressive.


Feeling of mastery and originality: the feeling you feel when scratching a vinyl is like no other. Create a natural electronic sound that will surely embed the feeling of DJs in the listeners.

Progressive: with turntables, a DJ can tune and improve their sets regularly.

Style: the swag that comes with vinyl turntables is undoubtedly unique and different. They are a cut above all of them.

Styles of vinyl records: art and deejay styles form the albums they play, add to the fashion of the DJs and make it cooler and stand out.


high cost: they have high prices to maintain and configure. You must have a minimum of two and a mixer. You should also collect records for every music played.

It consumes a lot of time: organizing your previously established records can really consume a lot. The setup is also longer.

Maintenance: clean and care for the discs and ensure that they are not scratched, which can affect the sound of a track and can be a real nuisance.

Finding new music is difficult: the latest singles and albums can be released on a vinyl record or even delayed. Therefore, a turntablist will be delayed a bit compared to a digital turntablist when it comes to new music.

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