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Hanging in Hammock’s – Top Travel Destinations for 2018

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Planning a vacation is one of the most exciting things to do each year. All top world destinations have something unique and special to offer to its visitors, and this year won’t be an exception. In case you were wondering where to spend your time this year, here are some of our suggestions for top travel destinations for 2018.

#Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the top summer destinations in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro, home to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in South America. The exotic ambient will give a special fling to your vacation, especially if you’re traveling with your significant other. Don’t miss out romantic sundowns on the Copacabana beach – it’s a beautiful way to enjoy your vacation together. Another attraction that made Rio de Janeiro famous around the world is a winter carnival that starts in February. Grab a chance to witness one of the most exciting street spectacles on Earth.

#Havana, Cuba

Hanging hammock chair reminds me of a lazy summer afternoon in Cuba. This beautiful land always has something new to offer to its visitors. If you’re planning to go to Cuba for the first time, make sure you stay at the capital, Havana. In this city, you’ll get an authentic Cuban experience – from local cuisine and stores to music, dancing, and even old car shows. Among the most valuable things, you’ll experience in Cuba are the locals. Their warmth and hospitality are incomparable to other, more fancier travel destinations.

#La Valletta, Malta

Malta has been known as one of the top European travel destinations for quite some time, but for the peps on this side of the ocean, it’s been a real discovery. This unique country can offer you a new kind of vacation experience. With lots of cultural amenities within the season, you’ll get a chance to know a Mediterranean heritage first-handly, and to experience a different type of vacation than you’ve used to.

#Riekjavik, Iceland

You don’t have to wait until summer to go on your vacation. For those of you who like to spend their winters abroad, now is the perfect time to consider taking a mini vacation to some exotic winter destination. One of the top places for 2018 is Iceland. This small and mysterious country can pride itself in being the home for some of the most beautiful landscapes and sceneries in the world. Just think about seeing the famous volcanos and waterfalls that are running across mountains of Iceland close hand. On top of that, watching polar lights shining through the cold nights is an image worth of a thousand words – make sure you don’t miss it!

#Tokyo, Japan

It’s not surprising why Japan still holds a place on top travel destination lists. A country with so many contradictories within it is a promise of fun and exciting travel experience, at least for those who like to take their vacation to the next level. With so many hot spots to visit, Tokyo is a destination that will fulfill your traveling needs most completely.

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