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Genoa Lantern

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It is a lighthouse on Genoa, indeed, on its historic center: it is the beam of light projected by a lantern facing the earth and I do not come out of the sea. This is how the logo of centrostoricogenova.com wants to be a detailed guide to the labyrinth of the city of the oldest city in Europe, a virtual walk through the artistic and architectural beauties organized by a group of young graphic designers, webmasters, cartoonists and photographers operating under the R & P lnfomatlca brand.

Naturally, it begins with history, but great space is devoted to tradition, read through the symbols and games of the past, often rhythmed by ancient rhymes: from the alleys re-emerge the voices and the chants of children playing in mosquito, puppet, rattin, or with marbles, trunks, or caps. A part of the site shows yesterday’s impressions, but there are also today’s impressions with a curious game of why.

The best is represented not only by the movies (in fact, the animated drawings downloadable with Schokwave, for which the link is available), from the location of the streets, which is accessed through a search engine that leads directly to the street or the square chosen. Of this, along with some photos, an aerial map, palace for palace, and an interactive map are indicated. Through it, clicking on individual buildings can enter the palaces of palaces full of history and rich in mummies and fountains, tubs and chandeliers, portals and frescoes, signs of immense and hidden wealth. It is the true face of Genoa, a city that doubles as much as in its name.

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