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Century XIV

The flourishing economic situation in Genoa coupled with its institutional weakness makes the city more in tune with the desire to conquer the other states, which is overturned by a shift of protectorates, among which alternatives are repeated in France and Milan.

Since 1339, Perpetual dogma has been established with Simone Boccanegra and the replacement of the old dominant cults, which are withdrawn in external feuds, with the new “chapel” party formed by the great mercantile bourgeoisie.

In this context, in order to defend itself from the continuous seizures of external powers, the new walls were built in two periods 1320-27 and 1347-1350, and they understood all that area that had been identified since Roman times in the range of a thousand steps.

This period is attended to further subdivision of the city’s companions into smaller areas called ” conestages “.

The city, however, continues to be characterized by an extremely faint climax that even manifests itself in urban development consisting of a dense network of paratroopers paramedics with towers connected by easily accessible and controllable avenues.

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